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Connect with MetaMask

Step-by-steps instructions to connect MetaMask with the hashport Portal

You can connect MetaMask to the hashport Portal and other decentralized applications (dApps). By doing so, your EVM-based accounts can interact with the Portal – to send and receive assets.

To start using the Portal, connect your MetaMask by following these steps. If you need help setting up MetaMask in your browser, please start here.

1. Visit and click the Connect Accounts button.

2. Click the MetaMask button. Your screen will immediately show Waiting for confirmation from MetaMask if your MetaMask is not unlocked. MetaMask will prompt you to unlock and confirm this connection.

3. Once you confirm, you’ll be connected to the hashport Portal. You may need to connect a Hedera Hashgraph account as well.

When you trade, you are sending and receiving assets to and from the account you connected. You hold all of your assets, confirm any access to your accounts, and authorise transactions with your private key. In contrast, centralised services such as Binance or Coinbase take custody of your assets and authorise transactions on your behalf after you’ve signed in with your credentials (usually an email and password).

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