Getting started with hashport

First, we will connect the software cryptocurrency wallets to access your digital assets. MetaMask is the easiest to use for EVM networks and can hold all of your EVM compatible tokens. See how to set up a MetaMask wallet here.

A successful connection to any connected accounts will show a green dot. Please make sure your MetaMask has enough Ether (ETH) to process transactions.

For Hedera-based accounts, you can import your account with either a keystore file, mnemonic phrase, or private key. In addition, you can connect with your Infinite Wallet, with more wallet integrations coming soon.

Alternatively, click “Create Hedera Account” (how-to guide here). The new account must be registered in the Hedera Portal. Registration for mainnet does require some KYC documentation. Once finished, you can obtain your new Account ID.

First, select the “From” token you want to port. In the demo, we selected HBAR.

Next, select the “To” network . This is the network that the projected HBARs will be minted, In this demo, we selected Ethereum.

Now, you can enter the amount that you want to port, and when ready, click “Port”.

You will see a confirmation receipt before continuing with the Portal Execution. This will include information like the service fees and the “From” and “To” tokens. Once reviewed, click “Confirm” to move on to the next step.

Please review the Terms and Conditions and type “I Understand” to continue. You will need to accept the Terms and Conditions before each porting execution.

After this, please follow the instructions on the screen to continue the Portal Execution and receive your wrapped tokens. Some of these steps may take some time to continue and the number of steps may differ depending on the “From” and “To” tokens – please be patient!

Once you’ve successfully received your assets, click “Complete” to finish.

You will then be redirected to the Main Portal Screen to see your wrapped assets in your metamask wallet.

We hope you had a good experience on the hashport Portal. If you had any problems or have additional questions, please visit our FAQ or contact us.

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