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Our mission

To make DLT networks easily accessible for everyone.

hashport is a public interoperability platform built for the diverse DLT community.

Key Features

hashport does not need a native network token by interacting directly with the validator swarm and respective network smart contracts.

hashport acts as a decentralised public utility – you control your accounts throughout the process.

hashport harness the speed and power of the Hedera Consensus Service (HCS) to make transactions quick and seamless.

hashport’s robust, industry-leading validator swarm is responsible for securing the portal.

Core Values

Community Engagement

hashport is built for the benefit of the DLT community. We think everyone is stronger when we can interact and work together. Engage with us!


hashport has assembled some of the most trusted organizations in the community so that you can port your assets in confidence.


We are critical infrastructure design for the public good.


Members of the hashport governing council operate at the highest levels of excellence in their respective industries and bring this ethos to hashport.

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